Our corporate name, Alegria, means “Joy” in Portuguese. “Joy” not only enriches people’s lives but also becomes a huge motive force that makes people happier. “Joy” produces a bigger happiness proportionally with the amount of people feeling “Joy”. We Alegria, will become a company that keeps on producing “Joy” at all times and increase the amount of happiness all over the world. In order to do so, we will never forget to enjoy every moment before everything, and with a huge ambition, we will strive each day to deliver “Joy” to as many people as possible.

About Us

Corporate Name: Alegria, Inc.
Established: October 11th, 2014
Address: 107-0052 2-16-6, Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo, JAPAN
President, CEO: Koki Kamata
Business: - Creating websites and designs
- Designing, producting, and selling apparel
Employees: 6 (partners included)
Email: info[at]


Creating Websites

Now days our lives are inseprable with the Internet. However, the lack of web engineers and designers are spurring on the diffusion of webization. Thus, we will provide a varitey of web related tasks such as designing and creating websites in order to fulfill our customer’s needs and wants.

Marketing Support

We provide marketing support necessary for expanding business or doing promotions. We are capable of providing various marketing measures such as planning/running campaigns and creating promotional materials.


BEROLIN is a fashion brand that design and sell Abaya, a traditional costume specific to the Islamic women, using Japanese traditional technologies.


2015/11/11We released our new website 2015/11/11Alegria's 1st birthday! 2015/04/01BEROLIN Project launched
2014/11/11Alegria, Inc. was born! Coming Soon Coming Soon
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